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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Product Manager & Assistant Product Managers Required at Ghazi Brothers

There is 1 vacancy for Product Manager & 4 for Assistant Product Managers at Ghazi Brothers. The details are as under;

Number of positions

Product Manager

MPhil in Pathology with minimum 2 years of relevant experience.

Assistant Product Manager
2 positions for MPhil Pathology
1 position for MPhil Microbiology
1 position for MPhil Animal Nutrition

Interested candidates are requested to please send their resumes at

DVM Jobs in Star Farms

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jobs in Rafhan Maize Products Company limited

Sales Officer (Animal Nutrition Business)

Requisition ID 
Job Family 
Marketing (MK)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Turkey Govt. Scholarships (Turkiye Burslari) open for Masters and PhD

Dear all, Turkey Govt. Scholarships (Turkiye Burslari) for Masters and PhD in almost every field are now open for applications 2017

People with uncommon majors such as social sciences, arts, management should apply for it 


This post has been fully copied from Rizwan Akramfrom Türkiye Burslari (Pakistan Chapter). For more questions regarding this scholarship, you can ask in the group mentioned and they will be answered by experts and Pakistani students on this scholarship

You can also see these videos

*** Do NOT fill the form immediately and abruptly, first get all the information from seniors and then fill the form with full information, as any wrong step/information can be difficult to redo. So be careful. Also dun fill the form during the last week of application. Finish filling the form , one week before deadline. As in last week, it is impossible to apply due to huge traffic of applicants on the server


ANSWER: NO need to find any university. when you put your education detail in online application the system will show you automatically all universities in Turkey related to your department and you can select max. 12 and min. 3 universities.

ANSWER: NO not compulsory, But if you have these scores and upload while applying, your chances to win this scholarship becomes more. Keep in mind in Turkey only TOEFL is acceptable.

3. What is Turkish Govt. scholarship, what documents are needed, how to apply, terms and conditions for scholarship etc,

As every year Turkish Government selects more than 80 students from Pakistan for 100% scholarship. So, kindly read this 38 questions & their answers, hopefully you will get all of your answers regarding application dates, applying procedure, selection procedure etc. Our only request to you is that If you didn’t find your answer only in that case you can ask a question.
Mostly Asked Questions During Türkiye Scholarships Application

Q: 1 What is Türkiye Scholarships?
Türkiye Scholarships is a government funded higher education scholarship program which is designed for international students. The program does not include the foreign students who are studying in Turkey through the EU projects, the reciprocal agreements and the university scholarships.
Q: 2 What types of scholarships are available to me?
Türkiye Scholarships is offered for undergraduate, graduate, PhD and research level.
Q: 3 Should I take an acceptance from a university after being granted the Scholarships?
No, you should not. You will be placed in a university and program of your choice when you are granted the scholarship.
Q: 4 I do not have any information about Turkish universities. Where and how can I get information?
The candidates can acquire all the information that they need from the websites ( of the listed universities.
Q: 5 Is it possible to study in foreign language in Turkish universities?
In Turkish universities the medium of education is generally in Turkish. However, some departments and universities offer programs in foreign languages such as English, French and German. The candidates who want to study in foreign languages need to have an internationally recognized certificate to prove their language proficiency. The certificate should be valid and must be uploaded to the system during the application.
Q: 6 Can students studying at on their own expenses apply to Türkiye Scholarships?
Yes, they can. Self-financing students currently studying in Turkish Universities can apply to Success or Support Scholarship Programs. In fact, these are the only programs that they can apply under Türkiye Scholarships.
Q: 7 I can't speak Turkish. Is this a disadvantage for me to study in Turkey?
This is not a disadvantage at all. The candidates are not required to know Turkish for the application. The Scholarships also includes a Turkish language education for the candidates before they start their studies.
Q: 8 Where will I get Turkish language education?
Turkish language education is offered either at the university or a Turkish education center in the city where your university is situated. But, Turkish language education can also be provided in another city if Turkish education center is not available in the city where your university is.
Q: 9 Will I still need to take Turkish language course for a year, even in case of placements in English programs?
Yes, the students, who are accepted to any program but not have C1 Level Certificate for Turkish Proficiency Test, are given language course for a year.
Q:1 How and when to apply to Türkiye Scholarships ?
Turkey Scholarships application usually begin in spring (February to March every year). Application dates announce at the web
Q:2 The university and department I want to apply ask for special requirements such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS. Do I need these exam scores during the application?
No. You can provide these scores and requirements at the time of interview. For example, you applied a department which requires English sufficiency document. You can obtain that document or exam until the time of interview if you don't have at the time of application. You need to present those documents at interview. Otherwise you will not be placed in that department.
Q:3 I got Türkiye scholarship but I couldn’t complete my school on time. Can I use scholarship after my graduation of next year?
No. Successful candidates are usually expected to complete their school in July and start their visa process. It is not possible use scholarship other than that certain time.
Q:4 I continue my education on my own expense in Turkey. When can I apply support and success scholarship program?
Applications for support and success scholarship program begin at the beginning of every academic year. Application time, requirements, type of application will be announced via our website to candidates.
Q:5 Is there any scholarship program for candidates who continue their education in Türkiye at speciality in medicine or dentistry?
No. There is no presently scholarship program for candidates who continue their education in Türkiye at specialty in medicine or dentistry.
Q: 6 I continue my education with a scholarship from a private company / public institute / university in Türkiye. Can I apply Türkiye Scholarships?
No. Candidates who receive scholarship from any institute in Türkiye can not apply Türkiye Scholarships.
Q: 7 Is online application the only way to apply?
Yes. Only online applications will be accepted.
Q:8 Who can apply for Türkiye Scholarships?
Only foreign country citizens can apply to scholarships.
Q: 9 Do Turkish citizens can apply for Türkiye Scholarships?
No. Anyone holding or ever held Turkish citizenship cannot apply for scholarship program.
Q: 10 I have Blue Card, Can I apply for Türkiye Scholarship?
No. Anyone who holds Turkish Citizenship before cannot apply.
Q: 11 I have dual citizenship and I am not Turkish Citizen. Can I apply for Türkiye Scholarships?
Yes. If any of your citizenships is not Turkish you are allowed to apply.
Q: 12 I am foreign citizen and studied high school in Türkiye. Am I eligible for Türkiye Scholarships?
Yes. Candidates who completed their high school in Türkiye can only apply to scholarship program which includes the country that you are citizen.
Q: 13 Should I already be graduated to apply Türkiye Scholarships?
No. Candidates who are likely to graduate at the end of the academic year at the time of application can apply as well. It is expected to graduate until end of July for those candidates.
Q: 14 What are the academic success criteria?
Türkiye Scholarships is a program based on academic success of the candidates.
Academic criteria of the applicants will be measured according to these documents:
• Diploma Grade
• General Average Grades Received Until The Last Term (cumulative GPA)
• University Entrance Exam Grade (if any)
• High School Graduation Exam / Baccalaureate Grade (if any)
• İnternatıonal Test Score (if any)
• Other academic assessment score
Q: 15 What are the academic criteria for undergraduate level?
Candidates must have at least 70 % weighted grade point average for undergraduate applications (except medical sciences) over their maximum graduation grade.
Q: 16 Are there different academic criteria for Medical Sciences, Dentistry and Pharmacy?
Yes. Candidates who are going to apply medical sciences, dentistry and pharmacy at undergraduate level must have at least 90 % weighted grade point average over their maximum graduation grade.
Q: 17 My high school grade is 69 over 100. Can I apply Türkiye Scholarships?
It is expected to have at least 70 % weighted grade point average over their maximum graduation grade from the candidates applying for undergraduate programs. If high school diploma is the only academic grade you have, you can not apply. However if you have another academic grade such as university entrance exam and have at least 70% success, you can apply with that grade.
Q: 18 What are the academic criteria for master and Ph.D. applications?
It is expected to have at least 75 % weighted grade point average over their maximum graduation grade from the candidates applying for postgraduate programs.
Q: 19 What are the age criteria for applicant
Applicants must be;
be under the age of 21 for undergraduate programmes,
be under the age of 30 for master's programmes
be under the age of 35 for PhD programmes
be under the age of 45 for research programme
Q: 20 Who can apply for research scholarships?
Candidates who have Ph.D. degree or at the phase of writing dissertation can apply for research scholarship. Additionally, candidates should have acceptance from any university in Türkiye and must have sufficient language proof of the university is asking for.
Q: 21 Can I apply more than one scholarship program?
No. You can apply only one scholarship program.
Q: 22 How many universities and departments can be selected ?
Applicants can select maximum 12 universities and departments.
Q: 23 Can I be placed in a university and department I have not selected?
No. You will be placed in a university and department you chose. Selecting more departments and universities can increase your chance to get scholarship.
Q: 24 How many universities and departments can postgraduate applicants can select ?
Postgraduate applicant can select 12 university and department at most. Candidates must select at least 1 universities and departments.
Q: 25 I want to study medicine at undergraduate level in Türkiye. What are my chances?
There are limited numbers of scholarships at medical sciences. It has been suggested that only very successful candidates at chemistry, biology and mathematics should apply for medical sciences scholarship.
Q: 26 I want to study engineering at undergraduate level in Türkiye. What are my chances?
There are limited number of scholarships at engineering especially computer, civil and mechanical engineering. It has been suggested that only very successful candidates at chemistry, pyhsics and mathematics should apply for these engineering departments.
Q: 27 I want to study social sciences (political sciences, international relations, economics, sociology, business administration, history, media and communication). What are my chances?
The number of scholarship at social sciences is far more than medical sciences and engineering. For that reason candidates who apply for social sciences have more chance than the candidates who apply for medical sciences and engineering.
Q: 28 Should I upload original documents while I apply online ?
Yes, you have to upload the original documents in application process.
Q: 29 I had technical problem while I apply. What should I do ?
Please read application guide before you start your application. Also It will be helpful to watch application videos. Using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is suggested for application as internet browser.
You may contact to Türkiye Bursları Call Center : 0850 455 0 982

Friday, January 13, 2017

Food Technologist, biochemist and others Jobs in Punjab Food Authorities

To Download Application Form :

A​KU Challenge (Scholar​ship) Programme

A​KU Challenge (Scholar​ship) Programme

We invite you to apply to The AKU Challenge (Scholarship) Programme scheduled to take place in October 2017.

Th​​e​​ Programme

This is a two week residential programme which does not have a tuition fee.  The University will pay for boarding and lodging. The programme ​​​offers rigorous, intellectually stimulating and developmental co-curricular activities. There will be opportunities:
  • ​To enhance literacy skills. 
  • To improve critical reasoning skills.
  • To understand the need for research and spend time in the AKU laboratories with highly qualified University faculty.
  • For learning to be proficient with the use of the computer.
  • ​For career guidance to help you choose the ‘right’ career; to meet successful professionals and listen to their stories.
  • ​​To learn First Aid.
  • To learn to swim and participate in sports.
  • ​To participate in discussions on current affairs.
  • ​To go into low-income areas a​nd understand how you as an individual can make a difference in their lives.
  • ​To tour historical sites in Karachi and Interior Sindh, depending on the security situation.

​Eligibility Criteria

Candida​​tes studying in the National/Provincial system of education in Pakistan or the Aga Khan University Examination Board 
  • Having achieved at least  80% in the SSC examination and
  • Completing HSSC exams in 2018; and
  • S​tudying in the pre-medical group (biology, chemistry and physics) may apply.

​​​Selection Process

Sel​ection will be based on academic merit with special consideration given to candidates from under-privileged areas of the country. ​​​​The process of selection will be as follows:
  • AKU will accept applications until March 15, 2017.​
  • Candidates will be screened and shortlisted for eligibility.
  • Candidates will be required to write an Aptitude Test on July 8, 2017.
  • ​​​The Aptitude Test will include components in English, Mathematics at the secondary school level and a component of Science Reasoning. 
  • Top 100 candidates [50% women] will be shortlisted based on the Aptitude Test. 
  • ​Candidates will be interviewed by a panel of two interviewers. 
  • A total of 44 students will be selected; 22 boys and 22 girls.
For more information, please call at +92 21 34864410 / 4412 or email at ​aku.c​​

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Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS) Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad

Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad
Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS)
(Approved by Government of Pakistan)

Pakistan Science Foundation, an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Science & Technology is in the process of selection of 3rd batch of 300 young students under the Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS). The talented students passionate towards Science education who wish to adopt science as career will be selected and trained/groomed to become future eminent scientists. The selected students will be required to seek admission in reputed public sector colleges approved under this Scheme.
Eligibility Criteria
i. Matric Students of Science Group who have passed 9th Class examination in the year 2016 and are appearing in 10th Class examination (Matric/SSC) in the year 2017, are eligible to apply.
ii. Minimum 60% marks in overall subjects; and minimum 70% overall marks in four (4) Science Subjects.
Selection Criteria
i. Initial scrutiny as per above eligibility criteria.
ii. Science aptitude and IQ test (written form) through third party.
iii. Interview / presentation on innovative ideas.
iv. Seats will be allocated region-wise as per approved quota policy of the Federal Government.
v. Eighty percent (80%) students will be selected from Government schools and 20% from Non-government schools. Only those students of non-government schools are eligible where monthly tuition fee of the school is not more than Rs.1,000/- per month.
vi. It will be mandatory for students to get admission for F.Sc studies only in STFS approved colleges and complete their intermediate studies. List of approved colleges can be downloaded from PSF website

Facilities and Specialized Activities for Selected Students 
i. Admission to reputed government colleges at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Sukkur, Hyderabad and Quetta.
ii. Monthly scholarship for tuition / hostel fee and other educational expenses.
iii. Designing of research projects from first year under the mentorship of a scientist / university teacher.
iv. Learning through Inquiry Based Science Education.
v. Study visit to national science and technology organizations/universities.
vi. Interaction with eminent scientists, presentations and film shows through mobile talent farming labs.
vii. Participation in summer science camps and youth science fora.
viii. Academic visits of high achiever selected students to international S&T/ research organizations/ universities etc.
Documents and Other Requirements:
i. Attested copy of result of Grade-9 from the school/board.
ii. Proof of status of school, i.e. Government or Non-Government; and proof of school monthly fee for Matric (as required in the application form). Application Form will not be accepted without Stamp and Signature of the School Head/ Principal.
iii. Attested copy of Student’ Domicile or Father’s Domicile.
iv. Result (marks) of Matric will be required immediately after announcement of the same. Please keep visiting NTS website to provide the Marks of Matric immediately after the announcement of result.
v. Application Forms with incomplete, wrong/ false information will be rejected.
How to apply:
Application form for STFS Scholarship can be downloaded from NTS website:  Duly filled-up application form should be sent through courier or registered mail to: NTS HQ, 1-E, Street No. 46, Sector I-8/2, Islamabad, by 10 February, 2017. Application received after the due date will not be entertained. No TA/DA is admissible for the test and interview.
 For further information:
For details, please visit Pakistan Science Foundation website
For Test related queries contact NTS on 051-844441 or visit NTS website
Important Note:
All the information/particulars provided by the candidate in the Application Form will be verified in respect of the selected candidates. In case of any information found false/incorrect, the candidature of the applicant shall be cancelled/rejected at any stage even after selection, and legal proceedings may also be initiated against such candidates.

Project Director STFS
Pakistan Science Foundation
Plot No. 1 Constitution Avenue, G-5/2,

Thursday, January 12, 2017

TIGP -Taiwan International Internship Program (IIP) - 2017

The Taiwan International Graduate Program ( is pleased to announce that we start to accept applications to our 2017 International Internship Program (TIGP-IIP) in January 2017. The TIGP is a unique all-English Ph.D. program supported by Academia Sinica (, the most prestigious research institution in Taiwan. In collaboration with top-ranking local research universities, the TIGP would like to invite outstanding young scholars from around the globe to experience Taiwan’s top-notch scientific research facilities and to participate in build an intellectual network of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This 2 month program takes place between May and August 2017. There are 12 programs offered by TIGP Internship:

  1. Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics
  2. Molecular Science and Technology
  3. Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences
  4. Bioinformatics
  5. Molecular and Cell Biology
  6. Nano Science and Technology
  7. Molecular Medicine
  8. Earth System Science
  9. Biodiversity
  10. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
  11. Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology
  12. Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing

Launched in 2009, the TIGP-IIP ( is an intensive pre-doctoral research training program that prepares its participating interns with the necessary knowledge and skills for future research or career development through rigorous hands-on training.

HOW TO APPLY (Some Useful Tips):

1. Search TIGP 12 program's websites thoroughly.
2. Once you shortlist your program, then find the professors related to your research area. Contact these professors via email along with a good cover letter, CV/Resume and discuss with them about research project and possibility of starting internship in their lab. (DON'T ASK THEM ABOUT ACCEPTANCE LETTER, as it's not required, just ask them possibility / vacancy).
3. Once they agree to take you it means your chances increased, simply read their research work and formulate your SOP / research proposal according to their work.
4. Apply using their online application system.
5. Make a scientific CV/resume, get good recommendation letters from professors (PhD's highly recommended)
6. Apply with confidence, and you are IN.


The only key to win this opportunity is to OPEN TIGP WEBSITE (at least for once) and understand this program's structure and apply. Please focus their website, everything is written in quite clear simple English. :)


We will be doing a live session/online webinar about this internship opportunity in STUDY IN TAIWAN FOR PAKISTANI ASPIRANTS group on this weekend InshaALLAH. Try to join that session, we will guide you for a successful application and answer your queries accordingly.

Link to apply 

For further details you may post your queries in Study in Taiwan group.

Good-luck ! :)

Study in Taiwan Team !

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Join Pak Army as a captain for Veterinarian, Zoologist and others

Army Education Corps for M.A. / M.Sc. in  followuing Subjects
Management Sciences
Islamic Studies
Army Corps of Ordnance for B.Sc. / BE in following subjects
Textile / Leather Technology
Plastic / Wood Technology
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Psychologist in Army in following
General Psychology
Clinical Psychology


1.         Eligibility Conditions          a.   Qualification / Age

Category of Selection
(Army Education Corps
MA / MSc in following disciplines:-
     Biology (Zoology/Botany)
     Mgmt Sciences
     NIA / IR
     Islamic Studies
28 Years as on
1 May 2017

Corps of Ordnance (Ord)  

BSc/BE in following disciplines:-
     Textile / Leather Technology
     Plastic / Wood Technology
28 years as on 
1 May 2017
Corps of Remount
Veterinary and Farms
Officer  (RV&FC)
DVM or equivalent degree Registered with PVMC 

Civilians  21-28
Years       as      on
1 May 2017 Serving VASs of RV&FC
21-35 Years as on 1 May 2017
►             MA/MSc in following disciplines:-

    General Phycology 
    Clinical Phycology
28 years as on 
1 May 2017

            b.        Common Features

(1)         Minimum CGPA 2.5 out of 4 or 60% marks in annual system in  sciences / Mgmt Sciences espPhy, Chem, Biology subjs.
(2)         Minimum CGPA 2 out of 4 or 50% marks in annual system for Islamic  Studies, Urdu, IR, Arabic and Psychology.
(3)         No 3rd Division or grade D and only one 2nd Division / Grade C  throughout the academic career i.e. Matric to  Post Graduations.  ExceptUrdu, Islamic Studies and Arabic, for which more than one 2nd  Division shall be acceptable.
(4)         M.Phil / MS will be given preference.
(5)         Candidates only graduated from HEC / PEC recognized universities  or foreign universities recognized by HEC are eligible. 
(6)         Candidates acquired MA / MSc Degree as private candidates are not     eligible.
(7)         In case of Islamic Studies, those holding MA Islamic Studies deg as  pvt candidates are eligible provided they have acquired BA/B.Sc  degree asregular candidates.
c.           Gender                                   -           Male 
d.           Marital Status                        -           Married / Unmarried
e.           NationalityCitizens of Pakistan and domicile holders of Azad Kashmir.    Upon final selection, candidates with dual nationality will have to surrender   nationalities other than Pakistani.

            f.         Physical Standards

                       (1)      Minimum Height                -          5’ - 4’’ (162.5 cm)
                       (2)Weight                           -          As per Body Mass Index

2.        Ineligibility Conditions

a.           A candidate with specific higher qualification is eligible even if he is twice rejected by ISSB for PMA / OTS / Graduate Course or equivalent Naval / PAF Courses.
b.           A candidate with specific higher qualification, who is rejected once by ISSB for PMA / OTS / Graduate Course or equivalent Naval / PAF Courses and once rejected for specific higher qualification entry, will not be eligible for third chance. 
c.           Permanently declared UNFIT by Appeal Medical Board.
d.           Declared medically unfit due to Hepatitis B & C (Appeal Medical Board cannot be requested).
e.           Declared unfit by any Armed Forces Hospital except those cleared by
Appeal Medical Board.
f.            Withdrawn from any Academy / Training Institution of Armed Forces on any         ground.

g.           Withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college / institution on     disciplinary grounds.

h.           Dismissed / removed / debarred from Govt Services including Armed Forces.
i.             Convicted in a Court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.
3.           Registration and Preliminary Selection Procedure.  Candidates can register either through Internet or by visiting Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs).
Following procedure will be adopted:- 
a.           Registration through          Internet.                                 Candidate       can      register on  Date and time of test shall be intimated on internet for which the individual should have an e-mail account. Candidates will report on exact date and time given for preliminary test on computerized roll number slip. Date once given will not be changed. Candidates will also bring along all documents mentioned in para6 and will pay prospectus fee on the day of test.Candidates must attain working knowledge of computer, as registration andtests will be conducted on computers.
b.           Registration at AS&RCs.  Candidates may report at nearest AS&RCs for  registration / allotment of roll number alongwith necessary documents  mentioned in para6 and the prospectus fee for completion of registration  formalities. Candidates will bring these documents on the day of test as well.
c.           Schedule of Registration / Preliminary Tests.      Registration and                 Preliminary Tests will be held as per the following schedule:-
09 January - 03 February 2017
Preliminary Tests
20 February - 24 February 2017

d.           Academics / Intelligence Tests.  Academics / Intelligence tests based  onmultiple choice questions will be conducted at AS&RCs as per following  schedule:- 

20 February 2017

Biology (Zoology/Botany)

Management Sciences

21 February 2017



Islamic Studies
22 February 2017



BE Textile/Leather Technology
23 February 2017

BE Plastic/Wood Technology
24 February 2017

e.           Preliminary Medical Tests.   Candidates will undergo initial medical test                     at AS&RCs.
f.            Physical Tests.  Candidates are required to qualify following physical                          tests:-
(1)         1.6 km Run     -           9 Minutes
(2)         Push Ups                    -           10 Repetitions in 2 Minutes
(3)         Sit Ups                        -           10 Repetitions in 2 Minutes
(4)         Chin Ups                     -           2 Repetitions in 2 Minute 
g.           ISSBTestsShort listed candidates will receive intimation for ISSB tests  through website as well as call up letters.  
4.           Further Selection Detailed medical examination of candidates recommended by ISSB will be carried out at nearby CMHs. Candidates who are recommended by ISSB will be called for interview by GHQ Selection Board. No TA / DA is admissible. Final selection will be made at GHQ on the basis of candidates, overall performance. 
5.           Training Period at PMA 6 Months     

6.        Documents Required at AS&RCs

a.           Original certificates / detailed marks sheets alongwith two attested photocopiesof each educational certificate/degree / diploma.
b.           Candidates serving in government Institutions / Departments will render No Objection Certificate of the concerned Establishment.    
c.           Attested photo copy of domicile.
d.           Photocopies of computerized National Identity Card.
e.           6 x colour photos duly attested (front & back).     
f.            Crossed postal order of Rs, 100.00 in favour of Director General Personnel   Administration (DGPA), GHQ Rawalpindi.
                         Note :Old National Identity Card will not be accepted.             
7. Bond.  Finally selected candidates will be required to sign a bond to serve the Army for a minimum period of 7 years. The applicability of bond will commence on successful completion of basic military training at PMA Kakul. 

For further details visit
 ►  OR nearest Army Selection & Recruitment Centers at Rawalpindi,Lahore,
Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit, Hyderabad, Multan Faisalabad, Muzaffarabad, D.I Khan, PanoAqil and Khuzdar.

Email your queries on
For ISSB call up notice visit

Click here to Apply 


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Ltd Job Opportunity at Mobilink for Bachelors in all cities Jobs Jobs for Agrarians Jobs for all Agriculture Students jobs for chemists Jobs for DVM Jobs for DVM and Food Technologists Jobs for Environmental Biologis Jobs for LAD (Livestock Diploma Holders) Jobs for micrbiologists Jobs for Veterinary Assistants at Interloop Dairies Pvt. Ltd Jobs for Vets and Microbiologists JObs in agriculture Livestock & Fisheries Jobs in Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan 2014 Jobs in Atomic Energy commission for Matric and FSc Jobs in DMG Jobs in Food Testing Laboratory Lahore Jobs in Haleeb Foods jobs in lahore jobs in motorway police JOBS in PAF Jobs in PMAS-ARID Agriculture University Rawalpindi Jobs in Poultry For DVM Jobs in Punjab Forensic Science Agency Jobs in UVAS for VETS jobs. Join Mujahid force as an officer Join Pak Army as Junior commissioned officer JUNIOR PATROL OFFICER Jobs KARACHI JOBS Kasur jobs KPK KPK jobs. KSA jobs. 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